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98资源网:诺丁汉赛卫冕冠军送隐形蛋 四强将战本土一姐

    二:(好现象)单向类  段一介绍60字  段二分析重要性原因(或结果benefits)  做法  段三结论(要重视)  段一介绍  开头:nothingcanbemoreoutstanding(meaningful)than……  接下来运用的扩展和(问题)单向类相同  段二分析  开头:社会的  经济的  个人的做法  asthephenomenonisimportant,wecanapproachitinthefollowingways.  接下来运用扩展技巧  段三结论  重视社会生活(money,awareness)  个人生活(awareness,我的决心等等)  说明:该现象为较大类的,如希望工程,就可以加上社会的重视;较小的如交朋友,信念如明灯,就只用个人生活的做法。
  (一)有些人认为人类对于耕地、居住以及工业的需求应该摆在第一位,但是有人则认为,有些土地应该留给濒临绝种的动物。,(thoughhekeptthrowinguphisarmsindespair,hereadilyacceptedthe5poundsthatigavehim.)  11.我为自己杀价的本领沾沾自喜、得意忘形,但回到船上后这种感觉便荡然无存了。
  (二)(themansaidthatthepenwasworth50pounds,butasaspecialfavor,hewouldletmehaveitfor30pounds.)  7.我摇了摇头,伸出了五个手指,意思是我只愿意付5英镑。,他心仪一辆在经销商展厅里面的漂亮运动轿车已经好几个月了。
  (三)如:  ◎ 从这个角度看,问题并不像人们一般料想的那样严重。,为人诚信,乐于助人,开朗大方、上进。
  (四)特别是对于我们看来非常熟悉的内容,更要仔细推敲,有自己独特的立意。,因特网与生活(Internet,societyandourlives)  因特网与生活(internet,societyandourlives)   thereisincreasingconcernthatthoseunabletouseandaccessnew  te,ifusedimproperly,internetcanputusatriskstoo.  theinte,itfacilitatesourcommunicationwithpeoplefarawayfromusat,itcanbeanimportantbuildingblocktochildrenracademicperformance.  however,wehavesufficient,itsaddictivepowerhasincreasedchildrenandyoungsterstimespentinfrontofthecomputerscreensattheexpenseofotherhealthierphysicalactivities,thusincreasingtheirchanceofgettingoverweightandshort-,childrenhavelimitedabilityoftellingrightfromwrongandthereforearesubjecttothepotentialcontaminatinginfluenceoftheharmfulmaterialsontheinternet.  inshort,thenegativeinfluenceoftheinternetshouldbeminimizedbydivertingpeople,especiallyyoungpeoples,,tterandmoremeaningfullife.文章地址:/zuowen/yingyuzuowen/yyljzw/真诚奉献(genuinenessandcordialityarerewarding)asisvividlydepictedinthepicture,ayoungmanwithasuitcaseunderhisarmisstretcheshishandtogreethimselfreflectedinthemirror....建议信directions:youhaveafriendwhoisabouttoenteruniversity,andhewantsyoutoadvisehimonwhichsubjecttospecializein--history,inwhichheisveryinterested,orcomputerscience,whichoffersbetter...要不要过西方节日1.有些人喜欢过西方节日2.这一现象的原因3.这一现象的影响duetotheheavyinfluenceofwesterncultures,moreandmoremodernchinesepeoplepreferwesternholidaystotraditionalones....因特网与生活(internet,societyandourlives)thereisincreasingconcernthatthoseunabletouseandaccessnewtechnologiesmarginalizedfromallaspectsofeconomicandsocialactivity....开阔的心胸(anopenheart)myauntedithwasawidowof50,workingasasecretary,when...对外开放政策(opening-doorpolicy)opening-doorpolicyistheonlywaytomakechinastrongmodernchinesehistoryleadsustotheconclusionthatsocialism,notcapitalismisbestforchina....健康与生活(healthandlife)asthesayinggoes,youdontknowwha,...科学技术在现代生活中所占的地位(theplaceofscienceandtechnologyinmodernlife),humansocietyhasdevelopedwiththeadvanceofscienceand...
  二、英语四六级作文五大模板(5)  thesedaysweoftenhearthat(1).  itiscommonthat(2).  whydoessuchcircumstanceoccurinspiteofsocial  protectsforonething,(3).  foranother,(4).whatismore,  since(5),itisnaturalthat(6).  tosolvetheproblemisnoteasyatall,butisworth  (7)  toimprovehepresentsituation,andidobelieveeverything  willbebetterinthefuture.  (1)提出论题  (2)说明现状  (3)理由一  (4)理由二  (5)理由三  (6)理由三引起的后果  (7)解决方法  模块(5)的相应的  pollutionofenvironment  thesedaysweoftenhearthat(ourlivingconditionsaregettingmoreandmoreseriousbecauseofthedestructionofourenvironment).itiscommonthat(manytreesandanimalsarenearextinction,andtheall-importantfoodchainhasbeendestroyed.).  whydoessuchcircumstanceoccurinspiteofsocialprotectsforonething,(thepopulationoftheworldisincreasingsorapidlythattheworldhasbeensocrowded.).foranother,(theoveruseofnaturalresourceshasinfluencedthebalanceofnaturalecology).whatismore,since(theindustrialrevolution),itisnatural  that(nvironment).  tosolvetheproblemisnoteasyatall,(plantingmoretrees,equippingcarswithpollution-controldevicesandlearningtorecyclingnaturalresources)toimprovethepresentsituation,andidobelieveeverythingwillbebetterinthefuture.来源:/zuowen/yingyuzuowen/yyljzw/科技对学习的影响近几年来,科技方面的进步相当惊人。
  (三)  总之,全世界濒临绝种的动物都是一项重要的资源,我们应该加以保护,并且保留一些土地给它们。
  1.  我喜欢天空中那淡淡的云,它将天空衬的更高更蓝更宽…  ilikethesubtleflowofcloudthatmakestheskyseemevenmorevast,azureandimmense…  我喜欢淡淡的风。
  2.  withgraduation.  人们似乎忽视了教育不应该随着毕业而结束这一事实。
  (二)友谊意味着什么(whatdoesfriendshipmean)directions:forthispart,youareallowed30minutestowriteacompositiononthetopic:whatdoesfriendshipmeanyoushouldwriteatleast120wordsandyoushouldbase...给《**周刊》宇航专栏的编辑写一封信,说明你对太空探索项目的态度(支持或反对),并简单陈述你的理由。我真不能相信你说的你的年龄(I cant believe you tell people your age)  i cant believe you tell people your age,my friend commented.  hey, i dont mind. really. in fact, i love my age, because every single birthday means more than just presents and chocolate  day i heard the wordcancerspoken by my doctor, my life turned upside down.  i have a test on monday,i said foolishly, thinking that the doctor would postpone surgery so i could ace1 my humanities test. what i didnt realize is that i was preparing for the biggest test of my life.  within hours i discovered that i did have cancer. it had spread to my lymph nodes2. i learned at 32 years of age to face mortality3. every time the doctors entered my room, they walked in with bad news and one more specialist. one white coat meant cancer. two white coats meant chemo4. three meant radiation. four meant detection of another possible tumor 5.  at one point five doctors stood around my bed. it seemed fitting because the statistics dropped to a 10% chance of surviving five years. one doctor for each year i might live.  there were a multitude of 6 reasons to stick around 7a husband of 12 years that i loved a whole lot and three beautiful children that were clueless to the plight8 of their mom and dad, but who gave me daily strength in their innocent love and handmade gifts that hung on the hospital wall.  to this day, i still have a crayon picture of me resting in bed, with a large head and larger lips, with a thermometer 1 sticking out of my mouth. the words,get well so u can com homewas my mantra2.  im thankful for cancer in many ways. does that sound crazy i wouldnt wish it on anybody and i dont want to go through it again, but it was a teacher. it helped me to treasure every single day. it forced me to prioritize3 my life. things that were once important seemed foolish. it pushed me off the rolling wheel this society calls sacred and let me pursue the desires of my heart, instead of my wallet. it gave me the ability to see life as fragile, not one day promised. it allowed me to treasure my three beautiful children, who sometimes brought heartache along with joy as they grew up, who are all now in college and can now spell beautifully.  when i hit my 5th year of survival, i left my job to write full time. i decided not to write one more word about anything that didnt matter to me. it was a step of faith, but it made perfect sense. cancer taught me not to let the opportunities of your heart pass you by because we are not promisedone  my 40th birthday, i rode gocarts4 with 30 of my closest friends to celebrate. the numbers 40 hanging across the wall were a beautiful sight.  i celebrated my 10th year of survival on a boat in the amazon in the rainforest of brazil. i sat on the top level and watched the sun rise and from somewhere so deep inside, i thanked god for the opportunity to experience life through facing death.  you see, life has become a series of celebrations. last month, i celebrated my 13th year of survival and embraced my 44th birthday. next month, richard and i will celebrate our 24th anniversary. leslie, my oldest, turned 21 last year. my twins are 20. all young adults now, all running after their own dreams, because my bout1 with cancer taught them  look at my friend and answer her question. do i mind telling my age absolutely not. ill shout it from the rooftops2. im 44! im thankful for all 10 gray hairs.  when i look in the mirror and notice the small lines appearing around my mouth and eyes, i dont call them wrinkles. i call them opportunities.  every line was placed there by a smile that creased my facean experience, large or small, that came from living this gift called life.(by t. suzanne eller )来源:/zuowen/yingyuzuowen/yyljzw/模块(2)inrecentyears,xxhascausedaheateddebateon(1).thefactorsfor(2).firstofall,(3).then,therecomesacasethat(4).moreover,(5).especiallywhen(6)....thesedaysweoftenhearthat(1).itiscommonthat(2).whydoessuchcircumstanceoccurinspiteofsocialprotectsforonething,(3).foranother,(4).whatismore,since(5),itisnaturalthat(6)....据权威机构调查显示,2009年,我国空调总产量为2500万台,而市场容量仅为1500万台。负责﹑完成了自动磁头装载机(hga)这个自动化所重点项目。
  (一)誊写时最好用黑色的中性笔,仔细写.书面效果会很好.如果时间不够就只在大脑中构思,不要往草纸上写.但最好还是用黑色的中性笔写.可以考前先试试效果到底怎...英语写作是中考中检测学生语言应用能力的最重要部分。  nothavingmethim,icannottellyouwhatheislike.  注:如果分词的动作发生在谓语动作之前,且与逻辑主语是主动关系,则用现在分词的完成式。例如1909年爱迪生公  司开始将一些诸如喜悦的、悲伤的、活泼的之类表明影片情调特征的提示与影片一起发行。题型基本是:命题作文,应用文写作,看图写话。
  (二)题型基本是:命题作文,应用文写作,看图写话。  itwasbecausehelovedmymoneythathemarriedme.  还原为非强调句:becausehelovedmymoney,hemarriedme.  ◎ 光速很快,我们几乎没法想像它的速度。友谊意味着什么(Whatdoesfriendshipmean)  友谊意味着什么(whatdoesfriendshipmean)  directions:forthispart,youareallowed30minutestowriteacompositiononthetopic:whatdoesfriendshipmeanyoushouldwriteatleast120wordsandyoushouldbaseyourcompositionontheoutline(giveninchinese)below:  1.友谊是人生永恒的主题  2.友谊到底意味着什么  3..友谊的重要性。然而,越来越多的城市居民却怀疑这种说法,他们抱怨民工给城市带来了许多严重的问题,像犯罪和卖淫。



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